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Goodnight, Gregory Grier: How Your Office Life and Sleep Go Hand-In-Hand

It’s a Sunday night and your long weekend is coming to an end. Although you would have liked to rest, the reality is that you couldn’t because of that dinner … Continue reading

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Employee Spotlight: MARTHA JANE POISSON Gregory Grier’s Very Own Project Manager and Adventurist

When the subject of Gregory Grier comes up, almost every anecdote ends with the phrase, “I love working here.” Martha Jane Poisson is easy to talk with. Conversations flow from … Continue reading

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Gregory Grier Celebrates a Decade of Success in Burlington, N.C.

In 1999, Gregory Grier founders, Eddie and Tom Grier, transformed a rustic, old paint shop in Charlotte N.C. into what soon would become one of the most successful office furnishing … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution – A Better Office Chair

With the New Year just beginning, perhaps it’s time to ask yourself: Can I survive another year with my current office chair? The average office worker spends almost six hours … Continue reading

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Gregory Grier – On The Move With You

Moving your office to a new space can be a stressful and overwhelming process. What is most important to take with you and what should be left behind? What is the … Continue reading

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To Replace or Reupholster?

You know something needs to be done about the furniture in your waiting room, lounge, back-office, or maybe it’s your favorite desk chair. Before replacing the furniture piece all together, … Continue reading

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Beat the Summer Office Blues

School is out for the kids, the beach is calling, but the office is still open. You know you might be in serious trouble if you call in sick AGAIN. … Continue reading

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Quiz: Is it Time for an Office Upgrade?

Take our quiz to determine whether or not it’s time to upgrade your office! Keep track of your responses, and use our answer key at the end of this post. Question 1: How much … Continue reading

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RAVEN WATT: Gregory Grier Sales Support and Project Management Enthusiast

Raven Watt is known for her kind disposition, adventurous spirit and passion for traveling, cooking, eating and helping customers every day at Gregory Grier. Watt spent several years working as … Continue reading

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“The Rubix Cubicle”: Seven Creative Ways to Mix and Match your Office Space

When you hear the word “cubicle,” does a bland and boring office space come to mind? If so, it’s time to re-think, re-design and get creative. Although many companies are … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Before and After: B.D. Brown Communications, LLC

  B.D. Brown Communications, LLC was in need of new furniture to match their recently renovated office space, and turned to Gregory Grier to make that dream a reality. William … Continue reading

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A Healthy Dose of Spring Cleaning

From the daffodils blooming on street corners to the warm breeze flowing through open office windows, spring is finally in the air. So how’s the spring-cleaning coming along? What does … Continue reading

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Going Green with Gregory Grier!

  Is green the new black? Gregory Grier certainly thinks so! By partnering with manufacturers like Kimball Office, Logiflex, National, and Evolve, we provide the highest quality office furniture products … Continue reading

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It’s All About Color!

Have you thought about how your employees respond to color? According to web designer Kathy Story, “research has revealed that people make subconscious judgment about an environment or product within … Continue reading

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