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How Office Space Colors Can Affect Your Employees

We’ve all been there. It’s 2 p.m. on Wednesday at the office and that all too familiar lull begins to set in. You’ve just eaten lunch, so you’re feeling a bit sluggish. You sense yourself becoming unfocused after five hours of work. What if we told you that the colors you surround yourself with at the office could affect your productivity, work ethic and mood?

Color is often considered a factor that affects human emotion and decision-making. Companies spend a significant amount of time and money developing logos that incorporate colors, which will evoke the desired emotions in their consumers. This begs the question: can color also improve your productivity in the workplace? The simple answer is yes. Before revamping your next office space, read up on how these different colors can affect the human body.


The color blue is directly related to the mind. In fact, blue hues in an office space are said to stimulate the mind in a way that lends to a deeper focus. Painting the walls of your office blue or adding some blue furniture will surely have a calming effect on your employees. The color blue relaxes the mood of your office without making it feel somber. This color inspires focus, keeping your team on task and productive.


The color green is strongly associated with balance. As a result, if your work environment finds that a strong sense of balance is key, you should try to incorporate green. There is a sense of balance that comes with working in teams, which makes the color green perfect for offices where teams work long hours. In addition, it allows them to strike up the perfect balance between calm and inspiration.


The color yellow is deeply connected with human emotion. It stimulates freedom of expression, making it most useful in a workplace that demands creativity. If you are a designer or a creative, yellow is the optimal color to boost your ego and spirits. The color yellow evokes optimism that will shine through in all of your expressive work.

Office productivity is vital to the success of a business. Consider adding pops of these color next time you are designing, refurbishing, or simply repainting your office. It can make all the difference.

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