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Ergonomics is the Key


So you didn’t have the most relaxing weekend. In between sitting outside for hours in that uncomfortable lawn chair at your kid’s soccer game and running all around town, you’ve had your hands full and your body can feel it too. Running in to the office on Monday morning right on time probably hasn’t helped you de-stress at all, and now you’re going to have to sit in your office chair all day; however, there may be a way for your office chair to help you be healthier.

Human factors and ergonomics, which is also referred to as comfort design or a user-friendly system, is the practice of designing products or systems that consider the impact they will have on the user. Physical ergonomics is all about designing products to prevent and combat ailments. A study by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) discovered evidence that supports the idea that ergonomics programs can cut workers’ compensation costs and decrease employee turnover, as workers do not develop as many ailments. A comfortable workspace can help keep people energized and ready to continue delivering excellent work.

So, take a seat in that beautifully crafted chair—how do you feel? Relaxed? This is a prime example of what ergonomics is. It’s simple: ergonomics help everyone out. At Gregory Grier, we do our best to always keep not only your comfort in mind, but also your level of stress when designing your office space.


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