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5 Ways to Clean Your Computer


While at the office, our main priority is work. We usually spend about 8 hours a day in front of a screen, one of them being the computer. Despite how much our computers do for us, we often forget that we should clean and care for them. Here are some ways to keep that computer clean and organized.

 1. Cleaning the Desktop

Clear up the clutter on your desktop and streamline it so you can easily find documents. Look over your desktop and decide which files you don’t need anymore,. Next, create folders that broadly categorize your work, and then create subfolders within those to easily find projects and work.

 2. How to Organize Folders

Folders can also be tagged in different colors to either separate or code them by urgency or relevance. Try using bolder colors, such as red, to label the most relevant folders, and use blue or purple to label less relevant work.

 3. How to Clean Your Keyboard

The keyboard is actually dirtier than a toilet. Try to clean under the keys using compressed air, and use a disinfectant wipe to clean the key surfaces. Do not spray disinfectant onto the keyboard, because the liquid could damage the keys’ functions.

4. Back up Your Data

This should be done on a regular basis. Make sure to back up your data onto an external hard drive so that if anything were to happen to your computer, you still have your information.

5. Don’t Place Your Laptop on the Floor

This is an easy way for dirt to get into your computer. The fans that cool down the inside of the computer can also suck in the dirt and cause overheating.

Computers are now more essential than ever in the workplace, and we want you to get the most out of your technology. Keeping clean at the office is essential. We hope this advice helps keep you and your computer productive!


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