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5 Biggest Office Design Faux Pas

Great office design is like the perfect glass of lemonade. And no, we didn’t just say that because we’re thirsty.


Office design, like making lemonade, is about finding the right balance between two elements. While it’s important to create a workspace that appeals aesthetically to a large variety of tastes, it’s imperative not let your décor distract from your actual business.

Here at Gregory Grier, we know that the “one-size-fits-all” mindset doesn’t work for creative clients like ours. But while your personal design tastes may be more sour or sweet than the norm, we all know a bad glass of lemonade when we see (or taste) one! So here are the five biggest office design faux pas to keep in mind when creating the right mix for your office.

1. Fake Plants

Noticeable fake flowers and plants have a stigma attached to them, and when they aren’t done properly, can look boring, dusty and cheap which is not a good vibe to give off in your office. Although some faux flowers and plants are realistic looking, there’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers or a bamboo stalk to accent a room. With the added benefits of increasing worker memory retention and concentration, as well as creating an inviting customer atmosphere, real plants and fresh flowers are the way to go! However, if you have a tight budget and you are looking for a more long-term solution to help brighten your office, try finding fake flowers that look real. Target offers a wide range of fake plants that look realistic at a reasonable price.

22. “Too Many Cooks” Color Scheme

At Gregory Grier, we are all about the colors and funky patterns! However, we believe that some of the greatest office design concepts are ruined by the usage of too many colors. While purples, oranges and reds are great on their own, they (probably) won’t mesh well in your office space. When designing your office space, try to stick to color schemes made up of 4 or 5 colors that work well together and are comprised of neutrals and one to two accent colors.

3. “Off-the-Shelf” Artwork

What do doctor’s offices, real estate agent offices, and your local library have in common? More likely than not, they all have the same generic artwork that can be found in a number of offices across the US. If you recognize the overdone art, so will your clients! So don’t be afraid to switch things up with your artwork, especially because research has shown that creative artwork helps inspire workers.

When picking out art for your office walls, you should use it as an opportunity to express your brand’s personality, your agency’s work, or something important to your brand. Find a local artist and purchase paintings that are worth displaying. This will not only help you enhance your wall décor, but also show that you support your local community. Another option is renting artwork. This is beneficial because you can switch up the paintings every few months.

4. Open-Office Floor Plan

In an office of five people, an open-office floor plan allows for creative cooperation. But when you start to up those numbers, you invite a lack of visual and sound privacy into the daily work schedule. This decreases the productivity of your workers, as well as puts added stress on introverted individuals. If you are crazy about an open-floor plan, try implementing it on a small scale in different sections of the office rather than your entire office.

5. Going “Modern”

The final, and biggest, faux pas people make when designing an office is striving for a theme that does not fit their brand or their clientele. At Gregory Grier, we recognize the individuality of each business and believe that your office needs to represent your brand. As popular as the sleek lines and stark colors of modern design are, if you’re more of a “Mom’n’Pop” brand, then all a modern revamp of the office will do is confuse your clients and your creativity!

So whether you’re just looking to shake up your office for the coming months or completely change your style, keep these 5 faux pas in mind as you plan.

If your business is looking for help with your office design, visit our website for more information on how we can assist you!


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