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How to Personalize Your Workspace


Does your office have more of a traditional setup with your very own set of four walls, or is it one of the infamous ‘cubicles’? Or, do you not have much of an office at all and instead, work in an open environment with tables and electrical outlets strewn across the room? Regardless of where you are working, you have your own area and should try your best to make it fit your personality. Here are some great ways that you can personalize your office space to help you excel in the workplace:

  1. Try your best to organize your area. Keeping things neat and placed, even when a space has too much “stuff,” reduces complexity and (ultimately) stress. Having less of a mess in the space you work in gives you one less thing to worry about.
  2. Doing small things like adjusting your office chair or which direction you sit in truly makes a space your own, as well as changes pace. Frequent changes in atmosphere or “view” are proven to spark creativity, as well as increase performance.
  3. Light the space to your liking. Even without windows, adding extra light such as a desk lamp can reduce your likelihood of getting headaches from inadequate lighting. You might also find that a desk lamp can be relaxing, as 2014 a study from the University of Southampton proved that UV exposure can significantly lower blood pressure Choose a fun lamp that fits your individuality in order to spruce up your space!
  4. Be sure that your area shows who you are. Putting up a framed photograph of family, a college diploma, or a calendar with pictures of your favorite dog breed shows your personality to others and may just be a great way for co-workers to start a conversation with you.

It’s no secret that your office space says a lot about who you are as a person. It shows where you’ve been and possibly where you want to be. While we hope that you have the job of your dreams, working from your comfortable (and fabulous) Gregory Grier office chair, we know that everyone gets the workspace blues occasionally. During these moments, nothing is better than having a personal space at work to draw you back to your most productive and positive self.

So, take a deep breath. You’ve got this! Gregory Grier can’t wait to see what you can do from your awesome, personalized workspace.


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