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Quiz: What’s Your Office Personality?


Personality makes-or-breaks a first impression, sets you apart from the rest and plays a key role in shaping your company’s unique identity and brand. That’s why it’s crucial to have your office reflect the personality of your company culture!

The design and layout of your office can have a strong effect on employee productivity and mood. Creating a workspace that both encourages positivity and resembles your organization’s unique values and style is key to a successful workspace.

So what’s your office’s personality? Does it match with the personality you want your organization to give off? Take this quiz to find out what your current design says about your company and the vibe it gives off to both employees and visitors!

Question 1: How would you describe the lighting in your office?

  1. Adjustable and calming: Lots of natural light coming in through windows and/or easily controlled lighting (employees have lamps at their desks, dimmers on switches to control brightness, etc.)
  2. Bright and fluorescent: The lighting environment is not easily controlled; mainly strong fluorescent bulbs that give off a glowing “white light”
  3. A mixture: There is a variety of lighting in the office that may not all be easily adjusted; for example, windows in some areas with strong overhead fluorescent lights in others.

Question 2: What is the color scheme of your office furniture and decorations?

  1. Neutral: Lots of neutral colors and patterns; very uniform with occasional pops of color
  2. Predominantly white and plain: White walls with white/gray furniture
  3. Bright and vibrant: Bright colors/patterns everywhere

Question 3: How is your office laid out?

  1. Collaborative: The office is very open and facilitates conversation and teamwork among employees. There are more large tables instead of cubicles.
  2. Traditional: The office follows a traditional layout with cubicles for each employee, conference rooms, and private offices for executive employees.
  3. Hybrid: The office facilitates collaboration while also providing spaces for employees to work privately and in silence. This is a flexible workspace, and can be easily modified depending on work functions. 

Question 4: What are the main wall/desk decorations?

  1. Personalized: Photos, inspirational quotes, artwork, and any other unique items that foster creativity decorate your office space.
  2. Standard: Standard artwork is hung on the walls; there is not much unique personality showcased through the decorations.
  3. Classic artwork: There are visually appealing photos and pieces of art; each employee’s desk has personal photos and other inspirational pieces.

Question 5: Do you have spaces specifically dedicated to creativity and/or socializing?

  1. Yes, there are several spaces dedicated solely to creativity and/or socializing.
  2. No, there are no spaces ideal for creativity and/or socializing.
  3. There are not any formal spaces dedicated to creativity/socializing, but there are improvised spaces for these functions.

Question 6: What is the style of furniture?

  1. Elegant and sleek; very modern and professional
  2. Assortment of furniture styles; there may be mismatched pieces
  3. Flexible furniture; the furniture is easily adjusted and moveable

If you answered mostly A’s: Your office is calming and collaborative! Your workspace is a peaceful and pleasant environment, fit for a high level of employee collaboration and morale. It is a positive space that fuels creativity and thinking. Gregory Grier would love to help you maintain your space!

If you answered mostly B’s: Your office personality is unapparent, and could use some improvement. Your workspace may not be ideal for employee productivity and morale, which means it’s time for an upgrade! Call Gregory Grier today and we can help you make your office’s true personality shine!

If you answered mostly C’s: Your office is fun and modern! Your workspace incorporates a mixture of styles and functions. It is a fun and happy place to work, and gives off a welcoming and pleasant vibe. If you ever need any cleaning, reupholstering or management services, remember to give Gregory Grier a call!


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