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Eddie The Expert: Open Layouts and Ergonomics

Native North Carolinian, Eddie Grier began into the world of office design and office furniture when he started working as a furniture manufacturer sales representative after college. He soon realized that he wanted to pursue his dream of being his own boss, so he embarked to create his own furniture design company, Gregory Grier.

Though Gregory Grier offers similar services as other office design companies, the family friendly environment, hard working staff and unique business model is what sets it above the rest. “It’s the people inside that make the difference,” Grier says about his team. “We always service the customers by securing the best price and ship dates.”

Grier’s business beliefs and practices make him one of the top experts in the office design industry. He stays current on the latest office design trends in order to provide clients with a design that exceeds their expectations. Recently, Grier has concentrated on two trends when designing offices; open layouts that provide collaboration, and ergonomics in order to accomplish a healthier work environment.

Eddie1Open layouts are becoming increasingly popular in office design and have both pros and cons. “When barriers are torn down, people are more collaborative,” Grier said. This setup helps foster interaction among employees, creating more of a team environment. Grier believes that open office floor plans are the future of office design because of the positive effects they have on office culture. However, in order to reap the benefits of this floor plan, offices must also adapt to today’s ever-changing technologies.

“Technological changes are happening and furniture should adapt to fit those needs,” Grier said. When designing an office, he thinks that professionals must consider the form, fit and function of the office design in order to have a good workflow. These are three things he always takes into account when helping an organization or company select furniture and decide on a layout for their office.

One technological aspect that has recently surfaced on the horizon of office furniture is ergonomics – the study of a humans’ effectiveness in a work environment. Ergonomic furniture reduces static work, helps to define posture and reduce injury.Eddie2 It creates a more productive work environment that enables employees to work at their maximum potential while being healthy.

Gregory Grier believes employees are the lifeblood of a company, so recognizing their needs and making sure they are healthy is important. Grier understands that sitting at a desk is no longer the norm and staying static all day is not healthy. Furniture should fit what a person’s body needs. For example, desks should be adjustable in order to prevent “text neck” or the way that people curl into an uncomfortable posture that inevitably hunches their backs.

“The trends are becoming more health-conscious,” Grier said. He truly believes in providing the best for his customers and the only way to do that is by keeping up with industry demands and being flexible.


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