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A Breath of Fresh Air: Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Office

12511034_mIt’s that time of year again! Spring is back and just as the frost is melting away, it’s time to “unfreeze” your office from all of the built up dirt and clutter that’s been preventing your workspace from blossoming to its full potential.

We all love the blooming spring flowers, but along with nature coming back to life comes a lot of pollen. And unfortunately along with a lot of pollen come a lot of allergies. But according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), spring-cleaning can help you and your employees avoid allergy symptoms that will prevent the office from having a productive and successful season.

To help eliminate nasty allergens from the air and have your office looking great in no time, follow these simple suggestions from Gregory Grier:

  • Wipe it down. Probably one of the most commonly overlooked areas of your office, your computer’s keyboard and mouse are home to a lot germs and dust. Use a sanitizing wipe to clean the surface and remove loose debris that has made its way through the cracks. For even better results, try using compressed air to really get in between the keys. While you’re at it, wipe down the surfaces of all other equipment on your desk, such as your phone and computer monitor for a total germ and allergen-free makeover!computer-cleaning
  • Rethink your décor. Those outdated family photos and dusty decorations need to make their way from your desk to the garbage. Re-vamp your workspace by adding current photos and inspirational quotes, picking colors that create your desired mood, and bringing objects from home that help you focus and stay motivated. After all, you spend nearly as much time at your office as you do at home, so it is important to put as much care into decorating your workspace as you do with other personal spaces, like your bedroom!
  • De-clutter those files. Stacks of papers, file cabinets, and supply drawers are the perfect hiding place for built-up dust. Throw away any papers you don’t need, create an organized filing system for your important documents (consider color-coding for optimal organization), and make sure every supply and paper has a proper home. Don’t forget about your electronic files, either! Clean out the piled up emails in your inbox and organize messages and documents into specific files on your computer.
  • Be clean AND green. It’s getting greener outside, so why not take this time to make your office a little more environmentally friendly? Use non-toxic cleaning products when you clean your space (healthier for you and the environment!) and take advantage of as much natural sunlight as possible instead of using electricity. If you want to take even greater steps to make your office greener, check out how Gregory Grier uses the highest quality office furniture products and solutions from eco-friendly manufacturers!

A clean and organized office space is key to a positive work environment that fosters productivity. And if a fresh workspace isn’t enough motivation, do it for your health!


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