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Spring Your Office to Life

Spring Cleaning

After coming back from the holidays with the New Year’s resolution to keep your desk neat and organized, work begins to pile up and your desk becomes overloaded with paper. How are you supposed to keep your desk clean when you have so many other important obligations? Now’s the time to shift your focus back to keep that New Year’s resolution… Spring cleaning!

Here are 5 quick tricks to spring your office to life

  1. Divide Workspace Into Zones

Take a step back and look at your desk and question what do you need from your office space. Prioritize and examine how you function and set up zones accordingly. You may need some space for your computer, a small bookshelf for binders, and storage space for writing utensils, staplers, staples, Post It Notes, etc. This is a basic way to keep you and your desk organized so you can be as productive as you need to be.

  1. Recognize Limits

Don’t try to shove that one last piece of paper into a drawer. That will lead to disorganization and just result in a crumpled piece of paper, which looks unprofessional. If the file cabinet is full, sort through it. Find out what’s old, what’s new and what does not need to be in there. Limit your resources to what you can manage and so your desk doesn’t look like the picture above.

  1. Organize Your Computer

Organization on your computer is just as important as organization in your office. Try to limit the amount of folders, documents, projects that are left on your computer. If last year’s folder is on a completely different subject than you’re on now, it’s irrelevant, toss it out. But, if there is that one document that you refer to now and again, then put it in a relevant folder that is current. Plus, this saves storage on your computer and it’s less likely for it to crash.

  1. Hang Hooks For Outerwear

A coat hanger or hooks for your outwear are a great option to help keep your office organized. Having your personal items spread out all over your office does not give a good first impression. Keep your jackets, bags, or purses off of your chair and on the wall or coat hanger. It will give that space back to you, and help you to be more centered and focused on your work.

  1. Schedule Your Time

The hardest thing to do is to make time to spruce up your office. So, dedicate some time each week to focus your attention on cleaning up your office. Don’t slump back into your old ways, stay motivated and stay clean!


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