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Employee Spotlight: MARTHA JANE POISSON Gregory Grier’s Very Own Project Manager and Adventurist

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When the subject of Gregory Grier comes up, almost every anecdote ends with the phrase, “I love working here.” Martha Jane Poisson is easy to talk with. Conversations flow from one topic to another, effortlessly, and she’s smiling and engaged in conversation the whole time.

Poisson graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 1977, and became a member of the Gregory Grier family in 2002. Poisson worked in the sales department for nine years, until she decided to retire. However, nine months later, she found herself back at Gregory Grier on a part-time basis working on Project Management.

“I came back to Gregory Grier out of integrity and my love for the company culture,” said Poisson. “Gregory Grier is a small company, and needed assistance in the project management department, so I came back to lend a hand. I wouldn’t and couldn’t imagine going any place else.”

Poisson’s ambitious and confident attitude compliments the Gregory Grier family well, and adds value to their Charlotte team. She excels in organization, efficiency, and is dedicated to exceeding client’s expectations. Poisson says that the friendly people and family atmosphere at Gregory Grier make coming to work rewarding and enjoyable.

“The employees here have all been in the business for 20 plus years, so the experience and knowledge creates a conducive environment for bouncing ideas off of each other,” says Poisson. “We’re a close knit family and feed off each other’s experiences, which is what I love most about Gregory Grier.”

Aside from her love of her Gregory Grier family, Poisson is extremely passionate about traveling and enjoys venturing to exotic locations and experiencing the unknown. Her goal is to travel to every continent – with six down, and only Asia to go! Her most memorable trip was when she traveled to Ecuador and ventured to the Amazon Jungle, where she stayed in the rainforest for a week – “I felt like I was in the movie Tarzan!”

At the end of the day, the exploration enthusiast, Martha Jane couldn’t imagine working for any other company than the dedicated family atmosphere Gregory Grier provides.


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