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4 Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Office

The holiday season is a time for cheer, good tidings and extra cookies at the office holiday party. With all the excitement in the air it can be hard to focus on your daily office routine. Consider these tips to make your office shine brighter than your holiday tree, and make those last few weeks of the year even more enjoyable!

Consider holding an office decorating competition to engage your employees in a little friendly competition!

  1. Bring Joy to Others

Show off your organizational and leadership skills by organizing an office charity toy or gift drive. Create announcements that will encourage your coworkers to donate holiday gifts for less fortunate children for a collection at the end of the season. Tis the season for giving!

  1. Bring the Great Outdoors Inside

Ignite your senses with a variety of wintertime plants including pine, fur and holly, which will not only bring a warm holiday scent, but also provide a decorative touch. Mini potted pine trees or poinsettias can also add a pop of color with some extra holiday cheer.

Is a real Christmas tree too much of a hassle? Purchase a small, artificial tree to enjoy without the mess!

  1. Who Said Decorations Can’t Be Edible Too?

Everyone could use an extra sugar boost during the holiday season. Fill small bowls or baskets with festive seasonal candy or treats for coworkers. For the health conscious people, consider adding some apples, pears or oranges that also add a touch of color while still serving as decorative centerpieces.

  1. Plan a Holiday Party

Everyone enjoys sharing the holidays with one another, so why not spread some cheer amongst coworkers? With food, games, or small gift exchanges, get your office involved and share in the spirit of the season!

Small decorations, like ornaments, can be used to spruce up your office for the season!


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