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Design Trends to Increase Productivity

Productivity is more than just completing assignments, meeting deadlines or time management – it’s about engaging in a collaborative, creative and unique environment that solves problems and creates innovative ideas. In today’s office, productivity is a key element to success, and these design tips and trends can help you to create a more productive work environment.

Paths that create engagement

Gone are the days where employees spend their time sitting at a desk from morning to night. When designing your office space, find ways to build a layout that fosters employee interaction. Consider the paths employees take to the coffee machine, the bathroom or the elevator. Every potential encounter with a coworker is a chance to spark conversation, create familiarity, and foster a collaborative environment.

Adjustable desks and conference tables

Get your employees’ creative juices flowing and create an environment that encourages employees to get up from their desk throughout the day to stretch, take a coffee break, and chat with their neighbors. Consider using desks that are functional for both sitting and standing to accommodate for a variety of productivity preferences.

No assigned seats

Although this may not fit the needs for all office spaces, allowing employees to choose where they sit is one of the newest and most popular design and productivity trends. Employees who are free to interact and collaborate in a variety of different environments will be much more willing to engage with coworkers than those who sit at the same desk every day. Keep employees inspired by giving them a change of scenery and letting them choose the type of seating that best fits their needs.


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