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Small Space Solutions

Feeling like your office space is just too tight? Is the stuffiness of your office stifling your employees’ creativity?

We at Gregory Grier can help to create the right small space solution for you! Over the years, we’ve taken on the task of designing spaces to accommodate different companies, and their unique spatial needs. Check out our eight tips to maximize the design of your small space:

  1. Small-Space Scale

The key to a successful small space is to weigh the visual size of objects in relation to one another. Avoid oversized furniture in your office, which can eat up floor space and makes your office feel small.

  1. Depth Perception

Windows can be a strong visual tool in enlarging a small space, because your eye naturally moves beyond the walls to the outdoor view. This view becomes a part of the environment created by the space, which makes your space feel bigger. Placing mirrors around the office also creates the illusion of depth by reflecting views and light throughout the space.

An office with a view can make any small space feel bigger!

  1. Multitasking Areas

If your office is feeling cramped, try designing your space for double duty! By creating a multi-purpose space that can be used as an employee break room and utilized for smaller meetings, you can use less space while still meeting the needs of your office.

  1. Color Coordination

One of the oldest tricks in the book is that light colors open up a room, while dark colors keep a space cozy. To give your room the illusion of spaciousness, bathe it in white! The color white bounces light around the room, and keep a small space feeling bright and open. Try grounding the room with darker, accent furniture pieces to not leave your office feeling like a whiteout. You can also apply this trick in reverse, by using white furnishings with a bright wall color.

We were able to make this office feel more like home by coordinating the white wall color with the dark blue and green striped chairs

We were able to make this office feel more like home by coordinating the white wall color with the dark blue and green striped chairs

  1. Let It Breathe

A handful of well-chosen and well-placed accessories are all it takes to add personality to your office, and maintain an open space. To avoid clutter, take advantage of natural display spots, like on coffee tables and desk areas. If you spread accessories throughout the room, make sure to keep your walls simple in order to focus attention on your objects.

  1. Vital, Vertical Lines

In order to increase the height of your room, use vertical lines to lead the eye from the floor to the ceiling. This trick will draw the eye upward, making your office walls appear taller. Consider utilizing art pieces or crown molding around the upper perimeter of the room to draw attention upward.

  1. Elbow Room

Consider “floating” your bigger furnishings away from the walls to create a sense of movement and make your office feel larger. This will allow for “elbow room” between the wall and seating pieces, and give the impression of greater depth and space within your office.

  1. Creating a Big Impact

One oversized piece of art can create a strong focal point in your room, which opens up a small space. Avoid, multiple, smaller pieces scattered around the room, which can make your office feel cluttered and even smaller.

Let your art speak for itself by positioning it in a prominent place in the office!

Let your art speak for itself by positioning it in a prominent place in the office!


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