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De-Cluttering Made Easy!

Feeling overwhelmed in the workplace? Too many things piling up on your desk?

Do you just need a fresh start?

There’s no better time to start de-cluttering your office than now! Gregory Grier has a few easy tips to get started organizing your space:

 Clear a Starting Zone

You don’t have to de-clutter your office all at once – take baby steps! If you start with a small area, like your computer desktop or a single drawer, then you’re more likely to make a dent in your de-cluttering by cleaning a different small area every day.

Spend a Few Minutes Visualizing the Room

While de-cluttering, pause for a moment and take a look around your office to create the best possible work environment. What are your most essential furniture pieces? Which area do you use the most? Which items do not belong, but somehow ended up in your office? Once you have visualized the room and determined which items are essential, it becomes easy to get rid of the rest.

Create a “Maybe” Box

When going through your office, sometimes it’s clear which items you need to keep and which ones needs to go. But, you may also have items in your office that you don’t use all the time, but could still be useful in the future. Create a “maybe” box and put all of your extra office supplies in it to go through in six months. At that time, you will realize which items are important and which ones you didn’t need.

Set up an Organizational System

Picking up loose papers or creating stacks doesn’t reduce clutter – it only shuffles the clutter around. It is crucial to create an office supply inventory every few weeks in order to start living a more organized life. While filing cabinets do provide a space to store your papers, you can save some floor space by creating digital folders of your work and uploading digital copies onto hard drives.

Give Everything a Home

Every item on your desk or in a drawer should have a permanent “home,” where it stays when your work area is clean. If these items do not have a home, your desk becomes the home for everything! By designating areas for certain items (like separate sections for notebooks and pens/pencils), you’ll be able to find your office supplies easier, as well as maintain a feeling of cleanliness in your office.

Dispose of One Item for Every Item You Add

As much fun as de-cluttering your office can be, wouldn’t you hate to have to do it again one week later? The key is to remove one item for every item that you add. Did you recently purchase a new office chair to replace your old one? Consider donating your old chair to reduce clutter and help those in need.


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