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Keep Your Office Trending

It’s no secret that “office culture” has drastically evolved over the years. With the integration of new technology and an increase in collaborative work environments, office design must continue to keep up with the latest societal and cultural trends. The modern day employee wants flexibility, creativity, collaboration, and freedom to explore their industry and share their ideas with others. Don’t let your office space fall behind the culture curve! Check out these design tips to keep your space up to date and in tune with today’s trends:

  1. Open spaces

Say goodbye to large corporate office rooms and rows of cubicles, and hello to what is now known as “hot desking.” Employees prefer space to move around, interact, and share ideas with their fellow employees. Consider creating lounge spaces, open conference rooms, and lower wall separation between desks to foster a team environment. Encourage conversation, inspiration, and collaboration!

Expand your company’s horizons by incorporating an open office layout!

  1. Bright colors and designs

Did you know that studies have shown that colors like red and orange can stimulate productivity? Find unique ways to incorporate vibrant, bold colors into the office space – through furniture, wall colors, or even accessories. Welcome patterns, abstract decorations and designs to encourage a creative and lively environment.

Utilize bright colors to make your employees more productive!

  1. Integrate Technology

In order to have a complete and effective open workspace, it is important to integrate updated technology. Consider installing iPad or iPhone docking stations in conference rooms or open work areas, or even large screens to broadcast video-calls to collaborate with remote employees or clients. Embracing technology is key to effectively utilizing the modern collaborative workspace.


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