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The Station at Mill Point Creates A Home Away From Home for Elon Students

With colorful buildings, rolling pathways, and extensive greenery, one of Elon University’s newest student housing complex, The Station at Mill Point, brings yet another touch of Southern charm to Elon’s campus. Since first opening in the fall of 2013, Mill Point has become one of the most desirable student housing options for junior and senior students. The 24 beautifully designed apartment complexes located in close proximity to Elon’s campus feature four single bedrooms, granite countertops, full kitchen and living rooms, and outdoor recreation facilities that make Mill Point every college student’s dream-house.IMG_1501

In addition to the countless amenities and unique architecture of this neighborhood, students in Mill Point are also afforded the luxury of fully furnished apartments upon arrival. By partnering with Gregory Grier, students were able to say goodbye to furniture shopping, and hello to beautifully furnished bedrooms, living rooms, common spaces and kitchen areas.IMG_1510

“Elon really wanted Station at Mill Point to feel like a home for students,” says Cindy Montgomery of Gregory Grier, who spent time working with Elon’s in-house designer Holly Hodge to design Mill Point’s furniture lay out. “Holly had a vision for the space, and I helped that vision come to life.”

Mill Point’s spacious rooms and open floor plan have created a true community feel that makes students truly feel at home.IMG_1533

“Whenever I walk up to my house and realize it’s my home, the feeling is truly surreal,” said Kate Phiney, a senior that lives in Mill Point.

With Elon’s design vision and Gregory Grier’s furnishing expertise, every detail was carefully selected to create a unique and cozy atmosphere that expanded beyond traditional dorm or common room furnishings.


“For the first time in four years, I have finally been able to do school work in my room,” says Phiney who enjoys the oversized desks provided in each bedroom.

Each piece of furniture not only adds its own unique touch of charm, but also gives an added functionality that students have not experienced in other housing options before.


“After I graduate, it’s going to take ten years before I can live in a place like Mill Point again,” says Senior Burton Paulsen. With beautifully designed interior and eye-catching furnishing, Paulsen described Mill Point as nothing short of “perfection.”


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