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Say Goodbye to Matching

Creating the perfect office atmosphere is not always easy.

You may wonder, “Can polka dots match with stripes? Will this piece of furniture be here forever, or will I hate it next month? Can I even commit to this color on the walls?”

Armed with so many options in today’s markets, our consumers are taking risks, and offices are no longer bound to have matching furniture fabrics. Today’s popular trend is to actually mismatch your space with different patterns and colors.

At Gregory Grier, we encourage our clients to use whimsical thinking, confidence, and a dash of surprise to create deeply personal interiors. “You can feel movement in the room with different patterns, instead of being monotone,” Cindy Montgomery, Gregory Grier’s sales manager, said.

If you choose pieces, colors, and prints that you love, then you will love the space that will follow!

Of course, mismatching is a delicate business. It’s not always as simple as tossing a bunch of patterns or colors together that do not match and hoping for the best. When it comes to mismatching pieces in your office decor, the general rule of thumb is to find some small thread of similarity or pattern between the items, and match the type of material, the color palette, the design, the period, etc. In other words, take a moment to match your mismatches just a little.

Cindy Montgomery suggests, “In mismatching fabrics, with using different patterns, keeping it within the same color fabrics but using different patterns makes it interesting for the eyes.” This will give your room a cohesive look while remaining trendy.

As featured in these set of pictures from our portfolio, Gregory Grier can make mismatching work in your office too! The color theme of red, yellow, and blue is fluid throughout the waiting room space, which is tied together by the patterns on both the chairs and the couches. Although the patterns do not necessary match, they work for this space since we used the same color theme.

Don’t be afraid to bring different colors, textures, patterns, and finishes to your space!

Be adventurous! Be daring! Be bold!


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