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Transition Your Workplace from Summer to Fall

With fall quickly approaching, here are some tips on how to bring the beautiful colors of fall into your office!

Transitioning an office from summer to fall is as much of a change of attitude as it is one of appearances. The air becomes cooler and crisper, and Mother Nature brings out her vibrant palette including colors like deep gold, burnished copper, yellow and rusty red. Most people can’t help feeling both invigorated and comforted by the predictable chances. Why leave those lovely colors outside, when you can bring them indoors?

Bringing the flavor of autumn indoors can be fun and easy. Here are some of our suggestions and how-to tips for adding fall accents to your office.

Flowers are a great way to display all of the wonderful colors of Fall indoors!

Fall Colors

Nothing looks fresher than a vase or two filled with fresh autumn flowers. Put a bouquet of flowers (mums, anyone?) on a table for your clients to enjoy upon their arrival to the office. Not really interested in literally bringing fall indoors? No worries! Another way to brighten up a neutral room is with bold pops of color. Mix and match fall inspired pillows such as orange, maroon, and burgundy with blues, greens, and whites on your office chairs or sofa for trendy fall décor!

Candles can bring the delightful scents of Fall into your office!

Autumn Inspired Candles

If the unique scents of fall are what excite you most about this season, candles are a great way to bring the aromas of autumn indoors. Simply lighting a fall-scented candle such as autumn harvest, apple cinnamon or pumpkin pie will bring you back to your favorite fall memories while cozying up your office space.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the many ways to bring the cozy fall season indoors to your office space. Whether through the smells, accent pillows or even with a plate of caramel apples to welcome your clients with, everyone will feel one with nature. But hurry, the snows of winter can’t be far behind, so enjoy autumn while it lasts!


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