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Gregory Grier – On The Move With You

Moving your office to a new space can be a stressful and overwhelming process. What is most important to take with you and what should be left behind? What is the best way to package and transport it all? Here are some helpful pieces of advice from designer and author, Diane Schmidt, to help you with a stress-free move.


1. ASK for a blueprint of the new space and study to understand the floor space and office size. This will help you decide how much furniture to bring and tell you what other items will be needed depending on your new office’s windows and layout.

2. CLEAR OUT the largest parts of your office out first, such as file cabinets or big desk drawers. Sorting through and determining which documents to keep or recycle should be on the top of your packing to-do-list!

3. ORGANIZE your files by labeling, maybe alphabetically or by date, to be able to quickly recognize and efficiently unpack in your new space. Don’t forget to write your name and office number on each box to make sure they reach their new home safely! This may seem tedious, but it’s worth it.

4. DONATE extra desk clutter, like highlighters, paper clips and post-its, to a local school or charity. As much as you want to put that collection of spare pens to use, someone else would be happy to take them off your hands and it would certainly lighten your moving load!

5. GET TECH-SAVVY and back up your computer or contact a coworker who can help you before the move. You want to ensure that everything electronic also safely makes it to the new space. Labeling cords before packing them is a good idea so that if boxes get separated, you don’t have to spend time guessing later on. Also be sure to note “fragile” on the boxes carrying electronics!

We hope you’re now more prepared for your move. Or at least know where to start.

Last month, Gregory Grier moved one of our largest customers into a new office. The new building has an open layout where employees work without dividing walls, so the packing process required strategically thinking through how furniture pieces would fit in this new dynamic space.

First Gregory Grier took inventory of existing furniture and evaluated the potential of each piece. We then moved and arranged the furniture within the new floor plan before transporting boxes and office supplies. Old furniture pieces that didn’t work with the new space were taken to a warehouse for resale, and the customer didn’t have to worry about a thing. One company to took care of all their moving needs.

If you are struggling with an office move crisis, or better yet – want to avoid one altogether, contact Gregory Grier today!


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