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Beat the Summer Office Blues


School is out for the kids, the beach is calling, but the office is still open. You know you might be in serious trouble if you call in sick AGAIN. Keep these 3 fun tips in mind to help you get through the months when you just want to be outside.


Take Your 15 Minute Break & Soak Up the Sun

Your body needs an average of 10-15 minutes of sunlight per day in order to absorb your daily dose of Vitamin D. Leave the florescent lights and open your window, take your lunch break outside, or even walk to work! The sunshine is good for you and will increase your mood and productivity in the office to keep you going during the summer months.

Take the Beach Tunes to Work

Who says you can’t pretend like you’re on your way to the beach instead of the office? Turn up some summer tunes on the way to work and if you can listen to music while you work, bring your headphones and enjoy. We recommend tuning your Pandora radio station to Carolina Beach Music Radio.


Office Beach Bash

Give yourself something to look forward to. Schedule a summer office party with your staff. Have everyone bring a favorite summer dish, some decorations (such as flower leis and colorful streamers), create a summer music playlist and soon enough your office will be disguised as a tropical island.

Keep your office culture vibrant year-round and you’ll beat those summer office blues!


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