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Quiz: Is it Time for an Office Upgrade?


Take our quiz to determine whether or not it’s time to upgrade your office! Keep track of your responses, and use our answer key at the end of this post.

Question 1: How much does your office space help foster employee productivity?

A) Our office space facilitates employee interaction and gives everyone an appropriate space to produce quality work.

B) Employees are content with our space, but some more privacy or a more free-flowing office would be beneficial.

C) Our office feels crammed and uncomfortable, which makes it difficult for employees to be extremely productive.

Question 2: How clean and comfortable is your office space?

A)  Our office space is clean and organized, with everything from the floors and furniture being spotless to the cubicles free of allergens, dirt and dust!

B)  Our office space is relatively clean and organized, but the cubicles have never been professionally cleaned.

C)  It’s a mess! Our office is cluttered and dirty, which reduces comfort and productivity in the workplace. Some employees even suffer from allergies, which could be due to our cubicles never being professionally cleaned.

Question 3: How do you feel when you walk into your office and observe your workspace day after day?

A)  Great. It is pleasant to look at, well lit, and comfortable. Makes me ready to be productive and fuels my creativity.

B)  So-so. The office provides comfort and positive energy to an extent, but could definitely be improved.

C)  Terrible. It is boring, dull, and unpleasant. I feel trapped in a cubicle and dread going to work.

Question 4: How well does your office space match your organization’s personality?

A)  Perfectly. The office space gives off the same energy and personality as our company culture. It is unique, just like us!

B)  Somewhat. It is a good workspace but could be improved to better represent our company’s beliefs and ideals.

C)  Not at all. Our workplace does not properly portray our company’s values and personality.

Question 5: How often have you heard complaints from fellow employees or clients about the workspace?

A)  Never! In fact, we receive compliments regularly.

B)  From time to time. There are mixed feelings about the office, but it could be improved to eliminate the negative feedback.

C)  All the time. There are complaints about productivity, organization, cleanliness, and design.

Question 6: Which best describes the overall design of your workplace?

A)  There is color coordination, ideal space planning, organized and clean spaces, and the proper amount of lighting.

B)  The colors don’t all match, there are cluttered spaces, and the office does not have enough natural light.

C)  Design? What design…?

Question 7: How comfortable do you feel improving your office on your own?

A)  Just fine. Not much needs to be changed and we have the proper resources to fix small problems.

B)  We could use some help. Our company has realized that our office needs to change, but we have no idea how to actually physically implement the changes.

C)  Our organization does not know where to even start. We lack the resources needed to redesign our workplace.

If you answered mostly A’s: Your office space is in great shape, your employees are productive, and although you don’t need to think about redesigning or refurnishing right now, keep Gregory Grier in mind for future maintenance and furniture cleaning services.

If you answered mostly B’s: Your office sees a need for improvement, but doesn’t know how to go about change. Although your office is on the right track, Gregory Grier is here to help your office reach its highest potential and make those changes come to life. Contact Gregory Grier for an official work place evaluation and we can help with space planning, color consultation, furnishing installation, cleaning, design, and more!

If you answered mostly C’s: Call Gregory Grier today! We can help you re-design your office and provide the workspace you have always dreamed of. We will see the project all the way through from initial consultation and space planning to the perfect furniture installation for your company!


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