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RAVEN WATT: Gregory Grier Sales Support and Project Management Enthusiast


Raven Watt is known for her kind disposition, adventurous spirit and passion for traveling, cooking, eating and helping customers every day at Gregory Grier.

Watt spent several years working as a showroom manager where she helped clients shop for everything from furniture to plumbing fixtures. Now, Watt assists Gregory Grier with sales support and project management and could not be happier.

Her ambitious go-getter attitude compliments the Gregory Grier family well and adds value to their team as they provide the highest quality products and services to their clients. Watt stops at nothing to ensure that Gregory Grier customers are satisfied.

Watt’s love for interior design and style is inspired by travel. She loves picking up art and mementos from trips, pieces that tell a story long past the trip’s end. She wants client’s office spaces to do the same – tell stories about their culture.

Watt says that the friendly people at Gregory Grier make coming to work every day enjoyable. “I am proud to be a part of not only a small business that has been very successful, but that also has a lot of heart.”

“The atmosphere is friendly and my coworkers are considerate. At the end of the day, we are all in it together!”


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