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“The Rubix Cubicle”: Seven Creative Ways to Mix and Match your Office Space


When you hear the word “cubicle,” does a bland and boring office space come to mind? If so, it’s time to re-think, re-design and get creative.

Although many companies are moving away from the traditional cubicle set-up and creating more open and innovative workspaces, cubicles are far from nonexistent. Mix and match these quick tips to help you create a comfortable, customized and productive cubicle workspace.

  1. Create a fun photo collage: Nothing says “you” more than a collection of your favorite people and places in photographs. Get creative and create an organized, yet fun compilation or collage to bring some color and personality to your space. These will not only brighten up your cubicle, but also make you happy while you work.
  2. Clean it up: Ever think about cleaning the panels of your cubicle? You probably have no idea what allergens, dirt and dust gets trapped in the walls of your space. Research shows that clean offices boost productivity. Gregory Grier specializes in panel cleaning services and promises you will be a happier worker in a fresh, healthy and clean cubicle.
  3. Care about your chair: Every great desk needs an even greater chair. A comfortable chair is important for your health and will keep your productivity up at work. Use Gregory Grier to help you find the right furniture pieces for you. If a new chair isn’t in your budget, try piling up some small, colorful throw pillows!
  4. “Wallpaper” cubicle panels: Let’s get artsy! Tape your favorite colorful print to the panels of your cubicle. If done tastefully, this can be a unique addition that is sure to impress your co-workers.
  5. Let there be light: Harsh fluorescent lighting can bring down your mood, increase stress and decrease productivity. Use a desk lamp to create a more, relaxing ambient mood. Try low-watt light bulbs or, if your office permits, scented candles.
  6. Organize those drawers: Reduce the clutter in your desk and add drawer dividers that will help you keep your office supplies organized. You will be able to find what you’re looking for and your day will flow a little smoother.
  7. Add some greenery: Bring in a small plant or flower arrangement to liven up your desk space. A plant will freshen up your cubicle and make it feel more like home.

Hopefully you have some ideas of how you can mix and match these tips to create a space that works for you. Gregory Grier is here to help your office reach its full potential every step of the way. Contact us to help you solve your rubix cubicle today!


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