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A Healthy Dose of Spring Cleaning


From the daffodils blooming on street corners to the warm breeze flowing through open office windows, spring is finally in the air. So how’s the spring-cleaning coming along? What does your office interior look like? Is your space cluttered, filled with furniture that hasn’t been professionally cleaned for as long as you can remember?

Psychology Today calls clutter “mentally exhausting,” which at work unfortunately can be inevitable, especially in an outdated, crowded office environment. It’s important to remember that your space and the objects placed within it reflect your company’s professionalism, attention to detail and overall culture. A messy workplace can communicate a disorganized system of work and thought and can distract and drain employees.

Even if unintentional, clutter is a poor reflection of your business and affects the productivity and mental health of employees and clients. It also often results in more dust and dirt than organized office spaces, which can be detrimental to your employee’s health, especially at this time of year when allergen counts are high.

To keep your space organized and to ensure employee well-being and productivity in the office this spring, contact Gregory Grier to learn its relevant services. Reupholstering and panel cleaning services offer a spring refresh that especially helps reduce allergens and ensure a healthy work environment. Reconfiguration consultants can help you restructure a space without having to consider new facilities or furniture. And the best part is – Gregory Grier does it all.

Spring cleaning is definitely time well spent. Don’t risk jeopardizing the health of employees in your workplace. Seize the season and call the experts at Gregory Grier today.


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