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It’s All About Color!

Have you thought about how your employees respond to color?

According to web designer Kathy Story, “research has revealed that people make subconscious judgment about an environment or product within 90 seconds of initially viewing, and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.”

Color has a powerful intuitive affect on employee’s productivity levels, relationships in the office and desire to spend time in the space. An understanding of what color can mean to your employees will help you navigate office design projects and create a positive work environment.

First consider which values and emotions your company strives to foster. Do you want to create a strictly professional and productive office, a more creative and inspirational environment or a simple and comfortable space?

Think about the following colors, what they could mean to your company and how they could impact the day-to-day lives of your employees:

Red – bold, exciting, strong, passionate

Blue – calm, trustworthy, reliable, cool

Yellow – warm, bright, cheery, happy

Orange – playful, brave, vibrant

Green – natural, fresh, growing, down to earth

Purple – royal, spiritual, dignified, proud

Pink – sweet, nurturing, secure

White – pure, clean, youthful, mild

Black – sophisticated, elegant, mysterious

Gold – expensive, elite, important

Silver – prestigious, scientific

It is good to use a range of color in your company, but using too many colors, or the wrong combination of colors, could alienate or turn off employees or visitors. On average, designers recommend choosing three colors (or shades of colors) to work with.

“When I am working on a project, I try to select a basic color that will be timeless,” says Cindy Montgomery, Sales Manager and Designer at Gregory Grier.

The interior color palette of your company serves as the foundation of your employee’s feelings about their workspace. We at Gregory Grier are dedicated to helping our clients build the best quality color palette for their company in order to support the values and emotions your company strives to foster and evoke.

Call us today and get started on planning a smart, cost-effective color palette for your office that will increase the productivity and happiness of your employees.


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