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Spontaneous in Thought, Spontaneous in Work

A changeable office space can foster a style of thinking as collaborative and responsive as its environment. Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Why design your workplace to be flexible, and how?
1. Adaptability is important, says Lois Goodell from Inc. Magazine. “Offices…with flexible functionality are not tied to a corporate hierarchy.” Spaces that accommodate all types of employees welcome teamwork and collaboration.
2. Make your space matter! A workplace that can shift in purpose to serve a client meeting, staff luncheon, or spontaneous brainstorm session will prove to be more durable than a space designed for a set purpose. Accommodate the changing demands of the corporate world by being able to change the function of your space, whether it be a research presentation reviewed by a team at a moment’s notice, or a press conference held over Skype rather than in person in an area in the office.
3. Share and grow as a team. With over one-third of workplaces shifting toward open office environments, according to a survey conducted by Ethisphere, employees are becoming accustomed with modern office designs that maintain “open communications and shared learning,” as well as “greater camaraderie and visible productivity” according to respondents. Show employees the value you place on performance and cooperation by allowing them to collectively use one place for different tasks.
4. Take into account new technologies such as wheeled furniture, adjustable chairs and desks, and movable lounge areas in the BP headquarters. The idea behind this design fosters the spontaneity in the office supported by Gregory Grier, along with the interdependent, inspired thinking it encompasses. Flexibility is key to this new way of office design!
Let Gregory Grier help you get started today with transforming your office space into an adaptable and flexible workplace. 

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