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Why Effective Office Space is Worth the Investment & 3 Alternative Ways to Cut Costs

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You’re not alone. Most companies seriously question whether spending extra money on quality office space is a worthwhile investment. It is easy to fall back on the excuse of needing to save money, at the minor expense of the employee’s comfort and happiness, isn’t it?

But it is important not to overlook the fact that the overall office environment plays a key role in employee productivity. For example, a recent study by Jungsoo Kim and Richard de Dear of the University of Sydney Faculty of Architecture found that open-plan offices may have negative effects on productivity, communication and morale. Money spent on strategic office space planning, incorporating professional design and consultation, will evidently shine through in your employee’s comfort, happiness, and quality of work.

“Quality, durability and longevity are the true value of any investment. Creating a work environment that incorporates these attributes in its furnishing choices reflects a successful impression to clients, customers and employees,” says Katharine Wood, Office Manager at Gregory Grier.

There are other areas of business where prioritizing cost above anything else makes sense. But that is not the case with office furniture. Your space serves as the foundation of your company’s work and is an investment that will provide a return. However, we have some suggestions of improvements your office can make in an effort to save for quality office furniture.

Have you thought of these ways your office can productively cut costs? As our co-founder, Eddie Grier, would say – you will never regret buying the best quality office furniture you can afford. Follow these three easy, green tips to help your office save for a makeover!

1. Turn off your computers when they’re not being used.

According to Cornell’s Department of Design and Environmental Analysis and reported by Start-Up-Resources, while it costs a company $57 to run one computer during the weekdays, it costs $41 per year to power that unused computer that was left in sleep mode overnight and through the weekends. While this might not seem like much money, compared to what you’re predicting it will cost you to furnish your office space, multiply this amount by the number of computers you have in the office and by a feasible amount of years you predict to be in business. For example, 30 employees shutting off their computers nights and weekends could save your company about $12,000 over the course of 10 years. This is an easy and cost effective way to save for higher quality office furniture, not to mention environmentally friendly!

2. Have the last person to leave the office hit the lights.

Another environmentally friendly and easy way to save more money than you may have ever realized.  Turning the lights off Monday-Friday from 5pm-8am, for example will save your company about $24 per year PER LIGHTBULB. Who has any idea exactly how many lightbulbs are in the office?  Without counting, you can surely imagine that this is another way to save thousands of dollars over the years.

3. Save paper.

Ask your employees to think twice before printing and set each computer’s defaults to print double sided. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. By printing double sided, each worker could save at least $50 per year. And even more if each employee is encouraged to print less. Again, given a number of employees over the years, these numbers add up. Encouraging simple, green habits can save your company money and help you afford better office furniture.

Join Gregory Grier in making smart, cost-effective choices in the office so that you’re spending money on assets that will actually increase and facilitate a productive work environment.


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