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Build the Base for the Best Work Environment

With so many different changes and trends arising in the workplace each and every year, it is important to remember what your employees value most. It is also helpful to identify the timeless investments that will make a positive impact. Gregory Grier believes that the following crucial aspects of office design serve as the foundation for a productive work environment.

THE DESK: Your desk is the centerpiece to your office. Your hub. Your battle station. Make sure it’s the right fit for you. Do you want to hide computer cords? Have drawers and shelves? A completely flat surface or different levels? Make a list of your at-work needs and priorities. Think about how a desk can help you facilitate your tasks. Consult a professional to be sure that you don’t commit to a desk design that could potentially hinder your productivity.

THE CHAIR: Office chairs affect your comfort, productivity and health. They really matter and are key to the foundation of a productive work environment. Make sure you try before you buy! Consider the support, adjustability, swivel base and fabric. [link to previous post about chairs]

SPACE MANAGEMENT: You might not be able to do anything about the size or funky design of the overall building space. But you can take control of how this space is utilized, presented and managed. Space planning experts can help you maximize your floor plan for productivity and aesthetic design to make all the difference in your overall culture and work flow.

You should be making every effort to differentiate your company, stay up to date and create an environment, which keeps your employees and clients happy, healthy and productive. But first, ensure that your workplace has a solid foundation. Quality and functional desks, chairs and space management services will make a world of a difference.


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