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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Redesigning Your Office

Redesigning your office space is an exciting task – but it also poses a great challenge. Whether you are buying new desks and chairs or completely renovating the office space, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options, having no idea where to start.

1.    Where do I start?

It’s the most obvious first step – but not always the easiest. Think about your overall vision before focusing on the details. As tempting as it may be, going straight to the product or service could lead to ineffective use of resources or other results based on rash decisions you may regret down the road.

Is your overall goal to increase productivity? Or do you want to increase comfort and happiness of your workers? Do you want to create a certain culture? Do you need to reconfigure and add 10% more office stations? Are you going to need installation services or design consultation?

Starting with determining your goal for redesign will help you stay concentrated on asking the right questions for developing a plan. Before committing to specific products, talk to professionals about the goal you want to achieve. Make sure the products and service providers are the right fit for you.

2.    What can I afford?

Eddie Grier always says you won’t regret investing in the best quality furniture you can afford. However, we will help businesses with every kind of budget find the right fit for their space.

With that being said, your options will depend on how much you are willing to spend. When examining your alternatives, make sure that you calculate the total cost without missing the add-on charges like delivery, installation and dependable customer service you can count on.

3.    Am I making the smartest choices?

In regards to researching specific products, you should identify and prioritize the qualities you’re looking for. What matters most to you, and more importantly, what matters most to your employees? Comfort, culture, color coordination or price? Then research your options based on these priorities.

You can buy a simple chair from various vendors; however, do they meet the quality your employee’s level of productivity requires? Researching the necessary services you require helps you narrow your options.

Does the company you’re considering deliver to your standard, what are the costs and do you trust them to solve all of your concerns? Research can help you save time and money.

Let Gregory Grier Take it from Here

Through a partnership with Gregory Grier, you can minimize your worries and receive your products and services from one reliable group of people committed to your satisfaction. Whether its space planning, installation or managing and maintaining your work environment, we’ll be happy to walk you through your investment and ensure that your office space is maximized for comfort and productivity. Speak with one of our professional consultants to discuss all of your different product options and design opportunities. Getting started is as simple as giving us a call.


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