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How Are Your Employees Sitting In Their Office Chairs?


Uncomfortable office chairs have your workers constantly repositioning from “the draw” to “the swipe” or “the trance” to “the take it in.” These office chair positions were influenced by the technology revolution and the most popular 21st century learning styles, incorporating all kind of devices and screen sizes. But most of all, these positions were influenced by an influx of cheap, poor quality, uncomfortable office seating.

Unfortunately, none of these positions look very professional and there is absolutely no positive correlation with productivity. Have you thought about how essential the office chair is to your employee’s success at work? Hours on hours are spent in the same seat, which must support their bodies, provide comfort, and encourage good, productive posture.

The office chair is an absolutely essential tool and facilitator. Are you providing a high quality office chair to ensure your employees can comfortably be as productive as possible? Call us and talk to one of our experts about what type of office chair is best for your space and most importantly, for the well being of your employees.

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